When You are Between the Rock and the Hard Place


Life you see is not all about the losses you suffer. The greatest story is always about your recovery.
For every one sincerely committed to Jesus – He cares about you affectionately. God Himself calls you the apple of His eyes; He loves you and cares for you so dearly.
You may be on rough waters but your God says you will not go down. When you are between the rock and the hard place it will never be the dead end for you.

The Lord God is your personal God. He paid a dear price of the precious blood of Jesus. Nothing is more than that; you are more precious to God than you know it. He said, God did not hesitate to put everything on the line for you. The death and resurrection of God was heavens costliest project for you on earth.

So He called you the ransom of God because it is all paid for. Is there anything in your life the Lord won’t gladly and freely do for you this year? Think about it.
Live to love Him dearly this year.
Love Him more than the pleasure of life this year and see God supernaturally overrun you with an over flow.
The Lord God whom I serve will be gracious to you this year in Jesus name.

We have seen God in Salem saving, healing and making many mighty. You shall be the next testimony.

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