Word from God

There is a word in my heart for you to day. In the midst of any battle and every battle you go through in life today, listen to this carefully:
Your God shall abort the schemes of all conniving crooks against you.
None of their plot shall come to term against you.
Your God shall catch them in their conspiracies against you.
All their intricate intrigues against you shall be swept out like a trash.
Suddenly God will disorient them and plunge them in total darkness.
They will not see their way to achieve their conspiracy.
My God shall save you from the hands of conspirators.
Remain strong in faith, be strong in God’s wisdom, remain intimate with the Holy Ghost for this is your year of great triumph sayeth the Lord.

If you’re going through any of this situation send your emails now to archbishop@saleminternational.net so we can pray for you.
This is what we do in SALEM.

From His servant,
Archbishop Sam-Amaga
On Mission to Nations raising God an Army

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