Light the Candles

We have been out for a short break, but yet it is Christmas time again.
It is Christmas! candles, candles everywhere. In the midst of the candles someone is heartbroken but Jesus said:
"I am come to heal broken hearts". Receive your emotional healing now.
In the midst of the candles, someone is sick and dying.
Jesus came to heal the sick bodies. Receive your healing now in Jesus name.
In the midst of the light and candles someone is on the edge of life, but Jesus came to give you the comforter. Receive comfort in your soul now.

In the midst of the light and candles some people are going hungry. You can light the candle of joy by giving something to someone who does not have.
May your light be a candle of compassion and joy during this Christmas time.

In the midst of the light and candles some people are in the dark prisons of torment and afflictions of the enemy and yet Jesus came to announce pardon for the prisoners. I speak to every prison door to open for you now.

Jesus came to set the captives free. I announce the freedom of the Holy-Ghost upon you now.
Today I announce to you under the authority of the Holy Ghost that every bruised and battered life is set free In Jesus name.
I announce that light will come for you beyond the dark tunnels again.

I announce to you that this New Year is the year for God to act in your life In Jesus name.

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