If you are madly committed to your assignment or task, you will be creative enough to meet fixed targets.
Wisdom Keys 1:
Commitment precedes creativity. If you are creative in pursuing your task, you will be productive. Productivity is the trigger of your work and worth .when you work and you are not meeting your goals – you must fight against unproductive labour.

Wisdom Key 2:
Creativity in your job precedes productivity
When you are continuously committed you get creative. When you sustain creativity, you get productive. In an atmosphere of sustained productivity, you create impact.

Wisdom Key 3:
Sustained Productivity always produces a life of impact. As you choose commitment above complacency in your job, you shall enjoy cutting edge productivity. As you sustain productivity by pushing your way to meet your goals and targets, you shall create an invaluable impact in life.
As you set your mind ablaze in Godly, creative thinking, your impact in life shall be enviable.
You shall shine as light in your tasks; you shall conquer your mountains and territories.

It is my joy to show you what God has shown me.
I am partnering with you as I share these secrets that will make you excel.
I shall see you at the top doing extraordinary exploits.
From this month your business will never go down
You will never be trap in failure anymore
Your labour shall produce abundantly
This day mark the end of struggles in Jesus name.

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