Your Year to Shine

YOUR YEAR TO SHINE: God has no glory in your failure, economic hardships is never an excuse for God’s bountiful outpouring of his blessing. Joseph went through this season of economic hardship in Egypt but in the midst of it all he stood out, he shined for his God, and he was blessed. That shall be your story from this year. God wants you to become a stunning crown in His own hands bountifully blessed but never misbehaving with the blessing. Abundantly blessed but focused on serving heavens message, heavens mandate then you shall move to the realm of the supernatural overflow.
This is that year! You shall not fail God. You shall not fail your destiny. You shall stand out and shine.
My team and I are praying for you, be wonderfully blessed. We shall win, shall accomplish it together.
Yours on Mission donations pursuing the kingdom mandate.

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