John Maxwell said “victory rarely comes without a fight”
He said “there is no success without sacrifice”
He said “there is a cost to every crown”
For you to want to wear the crown of victory and breakthrough and you do not like the sacrifice of it, is like wanting to be a soldier without liking guns or wanting to be a swimmer without liking water or wanting to be a pilot without liking heights
Mediocrity is cheap.
Notice, you are not created to barely get along. Victory and miracles may be long coming, but stand your ground. They will come, for God cannot fail.
Failure is cheap in man’s agenda
When you stop sacrificing for success you automatically fail.
If you only work to earn and spend, you will have no financial future. You must put up a fight to forego some level of pleasure now to create a future.
No matter what loses you have suffered. God will start again with you just as He started the world all over again with Noah.
Noah made a terrific sacrifice of obedience, when everyone around him misunderstood him.
That sacrifice delivered his nuclear family from destruction. Whenever you make positive, valuable sacrifices, you will always go up in life.
Be committed to remain poised to win even under the hardest conditions.
Be committed to live faithfully under volatile situation.
Sacrifice means you lose the right to be selfish
You must determine what you ought to do to please the Lord and go forward, not just to do what pleases you.
You must make more sacrifice of time to do exercises for that is more beneficial for your health.
The sacrifice of dedication to your studies, you work and marriage will bring you distinction.
Every spirit of failure and mediocrity is destroyed from today in Jesus name.
Every attack on your mind to give up right now is destroyed in Jesus name.
You shall rise, you shall not fall
You shall succeed, you shall not fail.
The Lord shall lift your head out of shame in Jesus name.

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