God is too faithful to fail

He is God alone – He has never failed before.
God’s love for you is too deep.
It is deeper that your deepest valleys.
He can turn your troubles into triumph and your valleys into victories.
God is too faithful to fail
His love is too high, higher than your highest mountains.
That’s why God can turn your mountains of adversities to momentum for advancement.
God is too faithful to fail…
The greatest attack of the enemy against you is to make you doubt the love of God.
Don’t you know He has said “Because you are precious to Him, he will even give men as ransom for you?”
Don’t you know that He said that they will even gather in conspiracy against you but He said they shall fall for your sake?
Why doubt God’s love in your moment of trials
When you pass the test of the phase you are going through; your promotion and victories can come forth.
Your story shall change
Your testimonies shall come
Your healings shall come
Your breakthrough shall manifest because God is too faithful to fail
His grace shall bear you up
You will stand out publicly and declare that “GOD IS TOO FAITHFUL TO FAIL”
This is your season
This is your moment
And your time is now.
Be eternally blessed.

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