Failure is not God’s plan for your life and future
Faith will deliver a glorious future into your hands.
Faith is the power in you that lays hold on the invisible future.
Confidence of faith is that power and boldness in you that talks about that invisible future as though it is real now.

For when you thoroughly hunger after the promises of God and lay the word of God up in your heart constantly it will bolster your confidence in God. That confidence of faith will keep speaking of the faithfulness of God to perform and keep speaking of the desired results than your obstacles.

Your dream and God’s vision for your life will consume you than the enemy consuming you. This is when you begin to experience the miracles of multiplication and favour.
Let me declare that this month – you shall experience the miracle of multiplication. As you intentionally grow in faith by spending more time on the word your impossibilities shall be dismantled before you.

You shall multiply in favour
You shall multiply in grace
You shall multiply in strength
Your result shall multiply

The wisdom of God you walk in shall cause you to multiply and reign in life in Jesus name. God’s wisdom is simply doing what will please the Lord and what will displease the devil. It is walking in obedience to every word of God and the principles of the word.

You shall reign in life in Jesus name.
It is your month
It is your season
And your time is now

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