Faith MakesYou Soar Higher

Among all the birds, eagles don’t fly – they soar. This is the ability that makes eagles conquer stormy weather. They soar high above storms. They dive through the fire. The fire that kills and destroys other flying birds do not kill eagles because eagles are not flying, they glide and soar. From today, the circumstances that destroy others cheaply shall not destroy you.
It is hard for you to soar with the eagles when you think, walk and talk like turkeys. (John Maxwell). A turkey can’t attempt the fire, it will be roasted.
Victor Franklyn said “the only last freedom you have is freedom to choose your attitude in any given circumstances (Abbreviated).
If you develop an eagle attitude you will conquer all your circumstances. If you develop a turkey attitude, any and every circumstance will conquer you.
The way you feel deeply in any circumstance and speak in any circumstance and express that feeling in your behavior in any circumstance will determine whether you are an eagle or a turkey.
John Maxwell developed attitude mathematics. He said turkey thinking + turkey walk and living and I add + turkey speaking will equal to turkey walk or a turkey future.
Turkeys end up in Christmas or a celebration dishes but not eagles.
Circumstance hardly can conquer an eagle thinking, eagle speaking and eagle walking person. While turkeys think about what to eat, to drink and go round grumbling and murmuring in search of the now – eagles develop resilience, they are visionary, they see big picture, and they speak of the great future which starts with what they are doing now.
They see it great and they soar over mountains of life and look at the greater view of life. They celebrate the firmament and the greater view of the creation. They incubate and nurture great seeds of tomorrow, so they dive and soar, over mountains, over fires, over storms to reach their destination. They pursue and never give up.
They conquer even greater animals and preys that are greater than them. They are full of wisdom. But turkey’s want it now and give up, whipped and defeated because they can’t see a greater tomorrow.
You shall end up an eagles in Jesus name
The wisdom of God you pursue shall give you an established future in Jesus name
Never again shall you throw your hands up in the air in defeat. The spirit of resilience shall over take you, you shall pursue, overtake and recover all your loses in life in Jesus name.
You are an eagle, you shall not die a tur

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