What a Time to Celebrate

All over the world, there is the news of gloom and doom.
- The economy of Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal and indeed the European zone is deeply troubled.
The economy of America is terribly sluggish. The giants of Asia (China and India) are slimming down.
Millions have lost their jobs, their homes, their families others have lost their peace and some are now losing their health and even their lives.
But as such times as this – you can cling to the unfailing wings of God’s love.
You can celebrate God because He is Your God.
God is not the one causing this hardship, the devil does.
Jesus speaking in John 16:33 said in this Godless world you shall experience difficulties. Difficulties from the Godless sometimes. Difficulties from the greed of men and leaders that impoverish others. Difficulties because Godless people want to rise at the expense of others.
- But in the midst of the difficulties occasioned by the Godlessness of people Jesus said, you can celebrate because the effect of this Godlessness is conquerable. Jesus said be unshakable, be assured, be deeply at peace – because every conflict you go through has a terminal end.
If you put your confidence in the Lord God of heaven and earth.
If your faith is anchored on the Lord - He will do what His word says He will do.
He will do for you what only God could do. He will do in your life what no man can do for you.
His well thought out plans are solid and sure.
- His miracles are staggering.
- His wonders are surprising and His kingdom is everlasting.
- The Lord will surprise you with an extra ordinary miracle this season in Jesus name.
Affectionately yours on mission to nations – raising God a people.

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