God Presence Shall Overshadow You Today

Even in the midst of the difficult times the world is going through, those who know the joyful sound still enjoy God’s blessing.
Psalm 89:15-18
Joy and praise is the pass word that opens freedom gates to you. As you approach your day with joyful sound and praise in God’s presence.
• God’s vibrant beauty will overshadow you.
• God’s goodness will locate you.
• The Holy one of Israel will lift you and promote you.
• Those who are out to bring you down shall see you rise. As you rise and shine in your faith. You shall shine this year.
• I bless you with the beauty of the Lord God who has called me.
• Distinction is coming your way this new month.
• Remember to live well taking strong responsibility in God’s kingdom
• Jesus is coming soon so live ready. Serving the Lord so you are rewardable.
Be blessed.

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