God is a Planner

"Planning eliminates waste"
A man who had never got 200,000.00 in his life executed a contract and got 2,000,000.00. He thought the money would never finish. He went to the shops and shopped, shopped and shopped. Before he realized it, his account was in the red.
Somebody may have this much and achieve this much, some other person may have the same and achieve nothing. The difference between them is planning.
The labor of the foolish wearieth them because he does not know how to go about the city; he does not know how to plan his life. He eats with ten fingers. Everyone who eats with ten fingers ends up in penury not even in poverty.

The problem is not lack of money, it is lack of planning.
Receive a new grace of planning today in Jesus Name.
Planners Are Winners
Plan for your school work, plan for your marriage and the married life. Plan for your assignment in the office; Plan for your husband; Plan for your wife and children. Planners are simply winners.

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