Planless People

Planless people work very hard but never sit down to plan. They are workers but are never planners, their labour wearies them. They work from morning till night, but never sit down to plan. There are 3 categories of people in the school of planning.
(1) Those who work hard without planning they end up mostly as failures AND mediocre.
(2) Those who plan so much without working it out. They also end up as failures and mediocre because without is dead.
(3) The third categories of people who are the successful, always plan their works, pray their plans and work their plans. This is when success comes.
Show me a man with N1,000.00 who is a planner, he is going to be greater than a man with N1,000,000.00 who is not a planner.
The issue of your greatness tomorrow is not the issue of how much you have today, but the issue of how much planning you can make today.
When you fail to plan to succeed, you have automatically planned failure into your agenda. The labor of the foolish wearieth all of them. They know what to do but they do not know how to do it. They don't sit down to plan their lives or their finances, but complain a lot. "I wish I had N100,000.00 to start a business." Everybody didn't start with N100,000.00; somebody started with N100.00. So your problem is not starting capital, your problem is lack of planning.
Proclamation: Lord I will plan from today.
Planning cures disorder. When you don't plan, you are disorderly; a disorderly man does not get anywhere.
Planning helps you to prioritize. For example, there are some things you buy that you do not really need, but if you are planned, you know what to buy at what time, you know how to invest.
Proclaim: I will plan.

Yours on Mission to Nations, raising God an army.
Archbishop Sam Amaga
Foundation Faith Church
(Salem family Worldwide)
_ Yes in Salem, God is at work, saving, healing and making many mighty.
I expect a supernatural testimony for you this week in Jesus name.

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