Develop a Burning Desire to Win, Even in Hard Times

There is no failure until you have failed from the inside
Listen to this story: A man Clement Stone had only $100.00, but he also had a burning desire for success.
He planned to acquire the necessary details he would need to start small and grow big. He dived into studies of books. He studied one of the America's richest men who had put down his secrets in a book. He followed the steps meticulously and today, from his $100, Clement Stone built an organization that was bringing in over $36 million every year then. Hear what he said, "Ordinary sales men can be motivated to become super- sales men." What a word. The ordinary you can become an extra-ordinary you.
Yes - he was motivated through the book he read to network and increase his sales outlet. He did and he has a story of Uncommon Success to tell.
Notice that a failure labours, but his labour is not translated to reward. You must choose to sit down, plan and execute plans, change plans where necessary so you can see the desired results.
Many minds are mediocre minds. They hate changes. They resent changes. They complain about changes. There can be no real growth and success outside changes change plans and strategies when necessary.
When we talk about sitting down to plan we are not talking about craftiness. We a not talking about plotting against some other persons for that certainly is a seed of failure on its own. Craftiness may give you temporary gain, it is sure to bring a man or woman into failure. Craftiness or what the world calls smartness is a seed of disaster. Jude 5-12
Sit down on positive plans, pray your plans, work your plans, for my God will bless the works of your hands.
I have said time and again that “smartness can take a man to the top but only integrity can keep you at the top”. Work your plan with integrity of heart and you are sure to win even through hard times.
Be so, so blessed.

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