You Really Never Fail until You Stop

When You Get Tired On The Inside Of You, You Will Lack
Courage To Confront And Conquer
When challenges arise and you see temporary setback, it does not mean you a not winning, it only means-you needed to g back into your planning laboratory and make your plans more practical and workable.

Thomas Edison met temporary setbacks but he was full of guts enough to keep changing his plans until he hit the Uncommon Success.
Henry Ford had a temporary setback both at the beginning and even at the advanced stage of his automobile business.
But Henry Ford will not stop planning until hit it. He is an Uncommon Success.
I am told of the story of James Hills who I with challenges and temporary set backs when he attempted to raise enough capital to build railroads.
But he changed his plans and triumphed at last Paul the Apostle had great opportunities before him, but great obstacles.

'For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many
adversaries. " (1 Corinthians 16:9)

That There Are Obstacles Is A Great Proof That There Are Greater Opportunities
Just when our Television ministry, creating greater impact uncalled challenges appeared. We only re-planned 0 strategies with God and walked pass t obstacles.
For every opportunity you have, d remember, there are equal obstacles, but only Uncommon Achievers will walk pass the obstacle and knock the gate of Uncommon Success open. Be so, so Blessed.

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