Success or Failure, Is planned for

A life of success is never a coincidence. A life of failure is never an accident.
You are just who you are by the choice you have made.
A choice to sit down and plan is a choice success.
A choice not to sit down and plan choice for failure.
For When You Fail To Plan, You Have Planned To Fail
Success or failure, it is planned for.
Many people refuse to plan further because they failed in the other plans they made.
If you are ever going to taste Uncommon Success, you must be so persistent in your plans. If this plan didn't work, adopt another plan until you hit the profit - plan.

To refuse to plan because the other plan failed is an open invitation to failure.

Notice That A Temporary Setback Is. Not Equivalent To Permanent Defeat

I am simply on a mission in your life.
I have a choice long ago.
I have chosen to make you chose to succeed.
Somethings I am posting is designed to help make quality choice to succeed here now and eventually become an eternal success with God. Be so so Blessed.

Yours on missions to nations, raising God an army.
Archbishop Sam Amaga
Foundation Faith Church
Salem family Worldwide.

_ Yes in Salem, God is at work, saving, healing and making many mighty.
I expect a supernatural testimony for you this year in Jesus name.

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