Storms on the Sun Strange

Scientists have said – there is a huge storm gathering on the SUN right now and that it will produce such ultraviolet ray that is harmful to human beings on earth. Hmmm!! Storms on the street, tornadoes on the earth, earth quakes on the mountains and hurricanes on the sea and you have perfect picture of what Jesus said were signs of the last days. The people in the days of Noah never believed there was ever going to be worldwide flood and it happened just as God told Noah. The people in my generation are partying, drinking and doing, their own thing. And the signs of the second coming of Jesus are stirring us on the face daily. But those who abide faithfully to the end, the same shall be saved.
I strongly encourage you today to rediscover your faith in Christ no matter what people say. Stand firm until the end and you shall enjoy eternal bliss. Be so, so blessed.
Archbishop Sam Amaga,
Salem Family Worldwide.
For in Salem God is raising generational Families for Global impact.
In Salem God is at work, Saving, Healing and making many mighty.

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