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Sam Amaga Foundation

Sam Amaga Foundation is that care family that receives care and rises to care for the fatherless and widows in form of scholarships to the fatherless to move them further. SAM AMAGA FOUNDATION is training and giving scholarship to orphans at Salem University, Lokoja. Sam Amaga Foundation needs partners like you who will be father of the fatherless
One of the greatest areas of the works of faith is Oin taking care of the widows and orphans.
God specifically commanded that widows and orphans be taken care of.
The greatest cry we hear is: having lost my dad, I have lost hope. Sam Amaga Foundation is out to take this sense of hopelessness from orphans. They want to be educated like children whose parents are alive; they want to change their world for good and that is why we have answered the call to give scholarships to orphans through the Salem Care & Compassion..

Salem Care & Compassion

The Archbishop Sam Amaga has a heart for the poor, needy and the down-trodden. His passion is for a wholesome ministry of the gospel, i.e., ministering to the whole man with the whole gospel, thus reaching the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the society. Unto this end, he has established the Salem Care and Compassion Mission to offer hope and help. Divers orphans, widows, rural ministers and survivors of martyred Christians have been benefited from this arm of the ministry. This arm of ministry has given hope to orphans who had no hope to further education from secondary to university level.
At least once a year, Mercy day is organized in various diocese in this commission where free clothing, food, medicines, medical check-up and treatment, free eye test and glasses are given to its neighboring communities. In conjunction to this, Salem Care and compassion offers Empowerment programs to make Entrepreneurs that become employers themselves thus reducing the burden of unemployment in our nation. This program has graduated drivers, tailors, cake bakers, interior designer and bead makers.

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