Media & Publications Platform

Pioneering the TV Ministry

The Archbishop and his wife have been on television ministry for 20 years uninterrupted. The Archbishop and Dr. Love Sam-Amaga both believe that the God they serve has set in order all possible means for man to reach the hearts of people with the good news of Jesus Christ, and that television is one of those mediums. Having this understanding, the Archbishop and Dr. Love Sam Amaga are reaching many souls through their television ministry.

The 1st signal of the TV Ministry - The Hour of Victory was aired in Rivers state television and since then, God had faithfully kept the TV ministry on and expanding.

It was August of 1985 night at Igbanke, when the Lord showed his servant the Archbishop the vision of the Television Ministry. The Lord activated this vision in the servant of God in 1990. That was the launching of the television ministry.

This is why they are most thankful to God for the existence of Christian television networks such as Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), God Channel, Daystar, Revelation, Love World, Inspiration Channel, ACBN and a host of other Christian networks that cannot be mentioned for the sake of time and space.
The Archbishop and his wife Dr. Love Sam-Amaga are working with the help of the Holy Ghost and their partners to expand this great outreach ministry — now called "The Extra-ordinary Life Broadcast".

Pioneering the Publication Ministry

The Archbishop Sam Amaga and his wife Dr. Love Sam-Amaga are both accomplished authors and publishers. They have published over a hundred and sixteen (116) best-selling Christian Classics, not to mention the Gospel tracts/pamphlets printed in millions. The Archbishop believes in the power of the printed word as means of reaching the un-reached. He has established a publishing house as an arm of the ministry to facilitate the fulfillment of this divine mandate.

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