Educational Platform

1990 Pioneering the Educational Ministry

The Archbishop and Dr. Love Sam-Amaga with help of the Holy Ghost and the visionary helping hands, God has raised around them set out to capture another pillar of the vision which is Education platform of this ministry.

Archbishop Sam Amaga has consistently featured in the fight against illiteracy, poverty and economic failure. Archbishop Sam Amaga has made unquantifiable contributions in this light, through its human development, but with the most significant stride in educational development. In the most outstanding manner, he has established several institutions, which have perpetually divorced many from the effect of ignorance, illiteracy and poverty.

Archbishop Sam Amaga knowing what sound education can do in his efforts to empower the rising generation of leaders, has founded Faith Education Centre, which incorporates Nursery School, Primary School and Faith International College in the city of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

The 1st Nursery and Primary school called Faith Education Centre was established in the city of Port-Harcourt, Rivers state. It was followed by the establishment of Faith International College, a secondary school in the same city of Port-Harcourt.

Earlier, the Covenant Faith Bible Institute (CFBI) had been birthed with Dr. Love Sam-Amaga as the Pioneer Rector. The Archbishop and his wife Dr. Love Sam-Amaga established the Covenant Faith Bible Institute (CFBI), which ultimately focuses on short courses aimed at motivating and mobilizing ministers, people from all spheres of human endeavors to take their places in destiny. The CFBI has raised mighty men and women in ministry today doing great exploits

The Tiny Light of the University

It was about 4.20 am on the 6th of August 2002 in the Archbishop's prayer chamber where the Holy Ghost dropped the seed of SALEM UNIVERSITY upon his spirit.

To the glory of God Salem University was licensed to operate in Nigeria on the 17th of May 2005 and in February 2009; Salem University opened her doors to the pioneer global leaders. That is what Salem University calls her students. Salem University is on a mission of raising Global Leaders who are spiritually alive, mentally alert and intellectually developed to change their world. With the determination to pursue interrupted academic program of raising graduates (global leaders) who are worthy in learning and character as well as sound in mind, body and spirit for outstanding leadership and global impact completed the academic curriculum of its first set in 2012.

The doors of education ministry that God opened to the Archbishop of this commission in furthering the educational vision also opened Salem wisdom school. Salem wisdom school Lokoja is a continuation of the education platform of accomplishing the mandate of 300 million disciples. For the Archbishop and his team, the schools are not just to give the students intelligence. The schools in this commission according to the visionary mandate are to give intelligence, integrity and Christ likeness. It is a ministry of raising the next generational leaders. The Archbishop and his team are raising global leaders with intelligence and integrity. People who are spiritually alive and intellectually alert.

The Archbishop is the President of Salem Wisdom School, Lokoja and he is the Chancellor of Salem University also at Lokoja in Kogi State of Nigeria. They are the latest establishment of his ever expanding apostolic ministry, endeavoring to fulfill the vision of raising Global Leaders who are doing exploits in Life.

In the year 2009, Salem pastoral and management college was registered by the federal government of Nigeria.

Archbishop Sam Amaga established Salem Pastoral and Management College (SPAMIC) to train and equip ministers of the gospel. Salem Pastoral and Management College presently has three (3) major campuses in Nigeria under the leadership of Dr. Love Sam-Amaga in Port-Harcourt, Lagos and Abuja. Concurrently (SPAMIC) is also running in Ghana and London


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